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What we like.

We started with a point and click, like many other people, taking "happy snaps" of trips we went on.  After our first trip to South Africa we discovered the shortcomings of the camera we had and upgraded to Canon DSLRs.

We've been to South Africa and Namibia on many occasions now.  Enjoyed every trip immensely and have really felt at home in both countries.

We've stayed at around 20 odd lodges over these trips, from five star to budget accommodation, from lodges that cater to the well heeled to volunteering at a wildlife rescue lodge.

I read somewhere once: "If you have been to Africa and it hasn't changed you, then you haven't really been to Africa."

How true!


We were out early evening in the Southern Kruger when we came across a pride of lions eating a rhino carcass. The rhino had been poached the night before. We followed this animal to a waterhole after watching the pride for 20 minutes or so.

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